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American Legion Post 487
"Website Awards (2)"
Award Received
Award Received
American Legion
Post 487
All 3 of the following Awards were given at the same time.  We received them for our outstanding work on POW/MIA issues.  I would like to thank Paul for all 3. 
Sincerly W Thiery
All (3) Received on
Special Thanks to John P. Lorf for this award.
Thanks Kil for this award from vet.com
Received on 8-02-2002 Received on 8-06-2002
Received on 8-07-2002
Thank you to Award Sites.com for this Patriotism Award. Every award means alot. Click the award to visit awardsites.com
Received on 8-07-2002
I appreciate all the awards we have received for our site.  Out of 50 American Legion sites judged we won 1st place.
This award was given
to Post 487 for our
membership quota
for 2002.
Received on 8-11-2002
Received on 8-10-2002
Received on 8-11-2002
We have been given the opportunity to be voted on as one of the Top 100 Military sites on the web.  Click on the picture and vote for our site. Thanks
I would like to thank Dianna for this web award.  We always enjoy getting awards, it shows people like the content and also the information.  Thanks, Will
With me being a former Marine this award means alot to me.  For those who don't know "Semper Fi" means always Faithful to God, Country & Corps.  Thank you to Marine.com
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