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American Legion Post 487
Post History (1)
"Through The Years"
American Legion Formed

     Brigadier General "Young Teddy" Roosevelt dies leading his troops in the battle in Normandy, July 12, 1944.  He had been a Lt. Colonel in France in the A.E.F. during WWI.  Before the armistice on Nov. 11, 1918 Roosevelt had conceived the idea to "go home and start a Veterans' association for the good of the country."  He prevailed on twenty officers with whom he was serving to spread the word of cacus in Paris on March 15, 1919.  that their efforts were successful, is attested by the fact that approximately 1,000 officers and enlisted men were present.
The meeting's first act after organization was to adopt a resolution to eliminate all considerations of military rank within the organization.  A temporary constitution was adopted and the definition of permanent policies left to a more representative caucus in the United States.  This was held at St. Louis may 8,9,10, 1919.  By act of congress, the American Legion was chartered Sept. 16, 1919
Post Formed

     Late in 1920 the county community chest had funds left from drives during the war.  it was decided to use this money for Veterans' Organizations.  A group in West Milton secured quarters on the second floor of the Garrison building (
over K&W Floor Covering) and received $1,000.00 in furnishings from the chest fund.
A Charter was granted Gingrich-Poince Post 487 on Jan. 31, 1921.  the Post here was named after two soldiers from Union township who did not return from overseas action.  Russell A. Gingrich, age 23, died dec. 11, 1918 of broncho-pneumonis, after service with the 101st Inf. at St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne.  Russell L. Poince, age 22, was killed in action on July 15, 1918, after service in the 7th Inf. at Alsne and Champagne-Marne.
Annual Activities

     Memorial day and Armistice day programs have been a yearly occasion in our Post.  In youth activity, high school essay contest, eighth grade awards and Boys Styae have been sponsored for several years.  Our local Post has send many gifts ro VA hospitals, flowers for Veterans funerals, and have held quite a few military funerals.  In the community many more services on a larger scale.
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