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American Legion Post 487
Post History (4)
February...Sent for new riflesand received 10 new Enfields provided by the government.  March...Sold old Rifles to various members at a total price of $50.00.  Walter Steiner reported Overlook Park not available for a post home.  June...A mass initiation was held at the laura Civic center (old School). October...Approved a charter of new post at Pleasant Hill.  Paid adjutant $20.00 for year's services.  December...Committee investigated ground at end of Hamilton St. for a building.  Honor roll was taken down. The Material was given to the workman.



February...A building fund was established and trustees of fund appointed.  March...Possibilities of Bessie Coate property next to the bank was investigated.  Motion passed that no member be given a card without initiation.  Housing committee reported investigation of several more properties for a home-site, but that things were not just favorable at that time. April...Housing committee again reported no luck aftering tracing several leads. June...Raffled outboard motor, radio and casting outfit.  10,000 tickets were printed, cost was $209.07 for the project and profit was $899.25 which went into building fund.  Chas. Farver agreed to manage the Jr. Baseball Team and was allowed $50.00 for expences.  September...Post bought a flagpole, plaque, and emblems for football stadium memorial. October... A committee asked the township trustees for a cemetery plot, to be used for any veteran, and the plot was established.  November...Dept Commander Halloran spoke at the Armistice Day banquet.   Committee was appointed to try to purchase a surplus army barraks and to find a suitable site for a "home". December...Governor Herbert was wired recommending that Samual Faust be appointed probate Judge of Miami County.
January...Received letters from veterans in V.A. hospital at Dayton thanking the post for gifts at Christmas. February...Sent for 600 bonus forms to aid WW2 veterans in filing.  Post was to take an option on property east of Washington St. but owner wanted to sell a minium of 10 acres so another property was suggested. March...Rifle serial numbers were registered by David Mott.  meeting was recessed and all members present went to look at home on N. main St., as a possible Legion home.  April...Purchased two acres of land north of town from "Red" Dickey. May...Gave Auxiliary $35.00 for special bed for little girl badly burned.  July...Report showed $2,001.13 was made on combination car raffle-street fair.  November...Decided to hire licensed architect to draw building plans to suit our needs.  Bought 18 Legion safety signs for towns in Union township.  Bought school janitor a box of cigars in appreciation for services connected with the Armistice day banquet.  Purchased two flags for Gold Star Mothers.
January...sent three representatives to the County Veterans Cuuncil this year.  February...Committee appointed to try to arrange for a community meeting place with other civic organizations.  April...Post held a party in Ed. Vore's garage (southwest of town).  Donated $25.00 toward the school baseball field.  Sold the lot north of town back to the previous owner.  May...Trustees reported owner of hall stating that before any veterans' organization be allowed to solicit in this community, they be OK'ed by the post.  June...Post staged a home talent show at the school called "Laff It Off"."  Requested and received cemetery lot No. 256 for the erection of a monument.  Voted $8.00 per delegate going to the dept. convention.  July...Purchased $25.00 worth of fireworks for the dedication of the ball field, held July 15, 1949. september...janitors dues paid and pay set at $5.00 per month.  A collection box was set near the door to help defray the expence. Voted that the first Sunday after Armistice day should be an annual "Legion Sunday," the post attending a church in a body.  November...Held an Armistice day bond raffle, sold 500 tickets and made $221.25. December...Delivered Christmas gifts to families of deceased servicemen of WW2.
January...Committee met with Civic club to discuss a joint building program.  "Bingo" games were held in the basement of the "Spot" restaurant for about two months.  June...Sponsored a dance revue of Mrs. Charles Pressler.  Received an offer of a building lot south of Hamilton St. from Rosco Buckey.  September...Signed incorporation papers and paid $25.00 fee for same, date being September 12, 1950. Bought a new American flag forthe post colors.  Decided to participate in pre-game (football) flag raising for the season.  October...Motion carried to buy a quonset hut from Ed Duerr for $1,000.00.  Vote to pay $200.00 to have it disassembled and put in storage.  Building committee met with village planning board, who suggested the quonset hut be erected outside the village.  November...Plumbing materials for home purchased because of scarcity predicted.  December...Sponsored "Tide of Toys" for overseas children.
January...Redecorated the Legion hall.  June...Purchased a 16 mm.  Reserve sound movie projecter at a cost of $226.60.  Ten members at this meeting each donated $5.00 toward the projecter.  July...George Woodfield notified the post of the present Legion home lot. November...Signed purchase agreement for lot belonging to Virgil latter.  Financed sending high school band to Dayton to hear Marine band concert. December...Received request from Supt. of schools Bube for six American flags for new school addition.
January...A few of the members dug the water pump pit and Harry McAtee installed a new water pump for the water supply at the Legion's lot.
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